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Dowsing is an innate ability in everyone

Dear Members and Friends,

Following our successful autumn zoom talks and field trips here is our
programme for Spring 2021: practical events below, Zoom meetings and
computer arrangements below.

There has been a single charge for participating in all events for 2020/21 through digital payment of a membership fee of £15 / £10 concession (except Learn-to-dowse). If you join the zoom meetings and have not yet paid, please pay by bank transfer into Sort Code 30-25-83 account number 11180560. Please enter your name in the bank reference box and also email giving your name and stating the amount you have paid

To receive notification of other occasional events during the year please ensure we have your correct contact details or check for updates on this website.

Please forward suggestions for future speakers and activities to Mishka contact


Spring 2021 day events All welcome ''with Social Distancing and Masks''

For more info & meeting arrangements contact: 0141 945 5401

Saturday 30st January Field trip to Dunkeld and Cleaven Dyke -
with Peter Drysdale.
We will explore and sense special sites and consider their significance; ruins of Dunkeld Cathedral and a riverside walk; Cleaven Dyke is a long straight prehistoric cursus, parallel ditches and central bank, whose purpose is unknown; and visit the ancient Birnam Oak: Macbeth'from Birnam Wood to Dunsinane'. Car sharing, contact for arrangements.

Saturday 20 February Pollok Park Learn-to-Dowse course 10.30 - 4.00pm With Pat Toms. Beginners and all welcome. Practice dowsing in Pollok Park, by the River Cart and at an ancient earthworks in the woods. Sense etheric influences in the landscape. Try map dowsing for geological features, site alignments and hidden things (£10 members, £12)

Saturday 6 March Field trip to Fairlie - Community gardening and planting with Malcolm McQueen. See the community garden and woodland planting up a hill in Largs and consider what's involved in tree planting, nurturing them and how it contributes to mitigating climate change. Opportunities for dowsing. Car sharing, arrangements to follow.

Sunday 21 March Spring Equinox field trip to Cairn Holy near Kirkcudbright. View and sense the two spectacular monuments, one orientated to the equinox. Practice dowsing and a sense of place. Leaving 9.00am, car sharing, arrangements to follow.

Sunday 18 April Visit some places in the city centre in the context of Sensitivity to Place and planners placemaking. Their guidance points out the need for healthy places, but is limited to consideration of physical needs. That the ambience and comfort of places can be experienced intuitively, as being comfortable or uncomfortable, should be taken into account in street design. What guidance is needed?

For more information & meeting arrangements contact: Pat Toms 0141 945 5401


West of Scotland Dowsers 2021 - Monthly meetings at 7:15pm third Wednesday of the month

Use Zoom on your computer or mobile phone or join a very small social-distancing group with a friend or, if stuck, contact Pat
to join a group in the centre of Glasgow (pandemic restrictions permitting).
Any problem installing Zoom on a computer or mobile please contact Damien for assistance.

Join a meeting using ID and passcode.
Meeting ID: 560 233 7515 Passcode: 405766

Login early to discuss zoom issues. We aim to start a talk by 7.20
The host will mute all during a talk to suppress background noises,
to speak hold the space bar down. At the end of a talk unmute yourself.
Click on 'chat' to read and type in comments.
After a talk join in questions and comment - please allow each other to join discussion.
Missed meeting? A link to a recording will be made available soon after the talk.


20 Janurary

Graham Calderwood 'Buds, Moon and Planets: Subtle Shapings'

Graham will describe ongoing geometric research into the form of plant
buds begun by Lawrence Edwards. He found, and confirmed by many
years of observation and investigation, a relationship between the
changing shape of buds and the Moon and planetary bodies. This cannot
be explained in physical terms, something more fundamental is going on.


17 Feburary

Ali McQueen Art and the Spiritual

An illustrated talk on the depiction of the spiritual in art. This will mirror my own experience of various 'paths' in life and my development as
an artist. These include meditation, magic, the Kabbalah and astrology.
Also Theosophy, A Course in Miracles, Mindfulness and Chi Kung.


17 March

Alan McManus Rooted and Reaching Out: Balancing Belief,
Empathy & Serenity

Emotional reception, clairsentience or empathy are all descriptions of a
basic human (and animal) awareness of the feelings and well-being of
others. With great sensitivity to the vibes can come a need to limit
input, to focus on what most needs attention, to balance the needs of
others with our own and also to attempt to come to terms with this
gift which may be challenging to our belief system.



TAROT & RUNE WORKSHOPS with Mishka run monthly throughout the year.

Being born into a psychically aware family, Mishka's interest in tools, such as Tarot,Runes,

Astrology & Palmistry, developed at an early age. She now shares her personal experiences, theories

& understanding with like-minded souls who would like to pursue this area of interest.

For further details contact 07986 706277 or

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